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I, Ryan O’Donnell (aka the Vegan Politico), serve as the chairperson of the Environmental and Climate Justice Committee of the Chicago Westside Branch of the NAACP. Below, is our branch calendar, which includes meetings of the Environmental and Climate Justice Committee as well as other branch meetings and events. Learn more about the NAACP.

Subscribe to our committee emails (click here to subscribe without a Google account) or tweet me if you are interested in partnering with the Environmental and Climate Justice Committee. We especially are interested in partnering and collaborating with educators of all levels on the westside and throughout Chicago. One of our main goals is to prepare and empower young people for advocacy and economic opportunities in environmentalism and technology, including solar, water conservation and desalinization, and ethical food production.

We have begun to plan and design a digital resource guide and will be working with partners to release it to the public. Black environmental businesses and organizations and Black-serving organizations are encouraged to submit their info to be included. More info is to come. For now, get involved with our committee.

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We have moved to Teams for our day-to-day communications:

Reports and other documents (restricted access):

Community Resources

Black Vegans of Chicago Facebook Group

The Illinois Clean Energy Champion Awards are a joint project of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce and the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition. Our goal is to celebrate the historic passage of CEJA, and to recognize the growing clean energy economy that is creating jobs, reducing energy costs and producing economic opportunities in every part of Illinois.

The awards luncheon is scheduled for Tuesday, October 25 at Noon at the Ivy Room, 12 E Ohio Street, Chicago, IL 60611.

To apply, please download the application here, fill it out, save as a PDF, and email it to The deadline to apply is September 22, 2022.

Entrepreneurs & Businesses

Pursuant to PA 102-662, the Energy Transition Act (CEJA), the Illinois Department of Labor must administer assistance to small contractors on compliance with the Prevailing Wage Act (820 ILCS 130). Utilize the links below to register for one of the available meetings covering the prevailing wage requirements in Illinois:

Monday, September 12th at 3pm
Thursday, September 22nd at 10:30am
Thursday, October 6th at 10am
Wednesday, November 16th at 3:20pm

Students & Schools

Deadline for application: September 16, 2022
Date of selection: September 30, 2022
Date of conference: April 17-18, 2023

Focus: raising awareness of children’s health disparities and on cultivating future leaders among university students nationally and internationally