Ryan O'Donnell is the Vegan Politico

Try These!

I am a huge fan of LifeStraw. I am very selective about what I will advertise or uplift, but LifeStraw checks all the boxes on ethics, environmentalism (including environmental justice), and price. Check out some of LifeStraw’s phenomenal products that empower you to have clean water every day, anywhere, even in the event of a disaster. Check them out! It is a great company and cause!


The Vegan Politico Facebook Group is a space where you can connect to organizers, candidates, and elected officials whose values align with yours. It’s a great place to invite your friends who may not be committed enough to make an account on Vegan Politico yet.

Exhausted with living in a world where religion and animal exploitation are the norm? Does the way most religions portray humans as godlike and non-human animals as object-like make you puke? You’re going to love the Vegan Heathens Facebook Group.

Black Vegans

This is the original Black vegan LinkedIn Group. The members are incredibly talented and inspiring. Even though this is a global group (very pro-Africa), it is still a tight enough group to make meaningful personal and professional connections. Credit for this image goes to Podrska Foundation in Uganda.

It has been great to find local Black people who are rejecting the poison of meat and dairy and helping release our communities from oppressive slave culture. This is a growing Chicago Facebook Group open to all Black vegans and mixed families of vegans in Chicago.


We work to uplift Black people, especially those on the westside of Chicago through policy, education, and various forms of community building and activism. Learn more about the Chicago Westside Branch and our Environmental and Climate Justice Committee.

Join the NAACP Illinois Facebook Group to share the work of your branch or chapter and connect with units and members across the state.

Queer NAACP is a group for and by LGBTI members of the NAACP. We include leaders and members of all levels. Join the Facebook Group and Google Group to connect.